Helmets must be worn on both bike legs – you can use whatever type of bikes you choose.

You must have a whistle and wear a PFD on the paddle leg – a bilge pump is recommended as well. Any human powered vessel is fine by us.

Shoes must be worn on all running legs (Trek included)

Equipment Staging

Lake Padden
9:00 AM – Lake Padden Park Main Parking lot near the swim beach. You’ll bring your mountain bike and road bikes to the transition areas.

Mountain Bikes and Road Bikes will be staged in the Horse Trailer parking lot. Soloists or tandems may want to stage running shoes here as well for the trail run.

Waypoint Park
9:00 AM –  Stage boats on grass at Waypoint Park.

Chinook (solo) Special Treatment

There will be designated areas at each of the transition areas for you to stage your equipment.

We will provide stickers to label plastic bags with your number.

If you don’t have a support team we will transport your mountain bikes and gear to the end of the road bike leg near The Portal Container Park on the corner of W Laurel St and Granary Ave.

Mountain Bikes will be picked up at 3:00 pm.

Traverse Course

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