To help you plan, here are notes for staging your gear and watching the race at each of the transition areas.
Plus see below for tips from veteran teams on how to make all the logistics work.

All Transition areas will be open for gear staging at 9am.
Soloists, check our gear staging page for extra support we’ll have in place for you.


Boundary Bay Brewery.
1107 Railroad Ave
Be here for packet pick-up Friday night and Saturday morning, for the pre-race meetings and the race START at Noon.
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Transition #1 (run – mtn. bike)
Lake Padden Park horse parking lot.

Drop your mountain bike, helmet and bike shoes here.
Spectators: the best time to watch starts at 12:30

Transition #2 (mtn bike – road bike)
Lake Padden Park tennis courts.

Drop your road bike, helmet and bike shoes here.
Spectators: the best time to watch starts at 1:20

Getting to Lake Padden from downtown: 
Head east on Chestnut St to the top of the hill and turn Right on Ellis St.
Stay on Ellis as it turns into Samish Way
Cross over I-5 and turn right to stay on Samish Way
After 3 miles, turn Right onto 40th St
Turn Left onto Wilkin St and park your car (we promise, this is closer than trying to park in the parking lots

Transition #3 (road bike – trail run)
Fairhaven Family Medicine

NOTE: We’re back to the original Transition area located at Fairhaven Family Medicine on 6th & Harris. (1401 6th St.)

Drop your shoes here.
Spectators: the best time to watch starts at 2:30

Transition #4 (trail run – paddle)
Marine Park.

Drop your boat, PFD and whistle shoes here.
Spectators: the best time to watch starts at 2:30

Getting to Fairhaven from Lake Padden:
Turn around on Wilkin and head down the hill to Fairhaven Parkway
Follow this across 12th St and curve around to the 4-way stop at 10th &  Harris Ave
Turn Left onto Harris and follow it downhill to 6th St and then on to the end of the road to Marine Park
Parking is along Harris Ave, 4th St and in the Fairhaven Shipyard parking lot along the road into Marine Park.

Transition #5 (paddle – trek)
Cornwall Beach (aka- “Glass Beach”. Please, NO Barefeet!)

Drop shoes for the trek here.
Spectators: the best time to watch starts at 3:00

Finish Line
Boundary Bay Brewery

Spectators, join us at the beer garden on Railroad Ave to cheer on the finishers from 1:30-5:30

Getting back downtown from Fairhaven:
Follow Harris Ave back up hill and turn Left onto 12th St.
This will turn into State St, follow it to the roundabout. Take the 2nd exit onto Forest St.
Turn left on Holly St. A left on Cornwall Ave will take you to finish line street parking and down to the end of the road to the paddle finish.
The best Downtown parking is the gravel lots on the East side of Cornwall Drive between Maple Ave & Wharf St.

Here’s how we do it!

These are examples from past Spawners, giving you insight as to ease of logistics for getting your team, crew and equipment around in an orderly fashion.

Team Biscuits and Gravy:

The first key to the race logistics is the Super Sherpa! Aka equipment manager, driver and cheerleader!  Mine happens to be my wife. Couldn’t do all my racing without her.

#2 is a good knowledge of the local area to get from point A to B.  I have done the race almost every year since inception and have raced as a duo, trio and full team. We always drop our runner at the start and being a biker, I have almost never seen the start of the race. We always head up to Lake Padden to warm up and get ready for the arrival of our runner.

With the transition for the run end, Mtn bike start/ finish and road bike start at the same place it makes things super easy. Runner arrives, mtn biker leaves and comes back and road biker departs after which you load up runner and Mtn biker and head to road bike end.

Again, the road bike end, start of trail run and kayak start are close together. You can park at one location for all. We always drop the kayak before the race start. We also try and load all equipment after we finish the leg to avoid going back for something. The only thing we pick up post race is the kayak. If you are racing solo unsupported. It is doable but you need to do a lot of running around. Having the Sherpa following and dropping/picking up equipment is extremely helpful.

All team members need to be at Cornwall beach shortly after the kayak start. The Sherpa and any other of your fan support need to head to the finish well before the kayaker finishes or miss seeing your awesome smiles as you cross the finish line. Last but not least you need to make sure and have a cold beer after the finish at Boundary Bay. If you don’t drink….that’s okay, just enjoy the after race festivities. Have a great race!

Jessica Rogers, Tandem:

Recruit help and have friends drop you off at different points. If your doing the road bike leg then just ride to the start, it’s a good warm up. As far as getting to the trek, we always park a car halfway between the finish and Cornwall beach on Cornwall ave. It’s easier to find parking there anyway since the street is blocked off for the race.

Tommy Lingbloom, Solo: 

  1. Drop off bikes at Padden, and a box with bike shoes, extra water bottle and some food.
  2. Drive to the trail run transition and leave another small water bottle, food, and my second pair of running shoes.
  3. Drive to Marine Park and stage my boat so I can get it quickly after the run. Also food, water.
  4. Drive over to Cornwall Beach and walk/jog up up to the starting line. That way your car is ready to have your boat loaded on later.

I usually have a friend pick up my bikes for me, but I’m pretty sure April likes collecting everyone’s stuff, so you may want to leave it for her (Just kidding, though soloist bikes and buckets will be delivered to the finish line if you don’t have a support team to pick them up).

Faithlife, Company Teams: 

RUN #1:  (RANGE: 0:34 to 1:00)
Starts at NOON!
Nothing to stage, but do a little warm up before and then run from Farmers Market to Lake Padden, Wait for MTB to carpool back downtown or have someone pick you up.
Potentially send up some warm clothes with the bikers.

MTB/ROAD: (MTB 0:35 to 1:10) (ROAD 0:45 to 1:20)
You can carpool up to Lake Padden, prob head out by about 11:15 to get up there and setup your bikes (helmets required, bikes shoes, gloves, water bottles…)
MTB: You ride a loop, so you can drive the carpool car (and lead runner) back downtown, then ride to Fairhaven to cheer or head to Cornwall beach for the paddler and team TREK
ROAD: Ride from Lake Padden to Fairhaven, I suggest just riding your bike to downtown after cheering for RUN #2 and PADDLE

RUN #2: (0:22 to 0:40)
Parking in gravel parking lots down by the train station, loop run, so be ready to drive downtown right away after the paddler heads out to meet at Cornwall Beach
ALT (green option): watch the start at the Farmers Market, ride to Fairhaven, lock your bike, run, then bike back through Boulevard park and watch the paddlers.
NOTE: If the paddle is shortened, start riding back to downtown ASAP or else the paddler might beat you and you’ll miss the Team Trek!

PADDLE: (0:33 to 0:53)
Drop off running shoes at Cornwall Beach (grass at the parking lot is where we drop kayaks to run).
Drive your kayak to Marine Park in Fairhaven and wait. You can stage your boat as early as 9am.
ALT (green, strong paddler option): paddle from Cornwall Beach (Kayak finish) to the start giving yourself lots of time to relax and recover for the actual race.

TEAM TREK: (0:05 to 0:10)
Get down to Cornwall Beach (end of Cornwall at the water) with Running Shoes (not your bike shoes) and ready to help carry kayak and run to downtown (.5 mile)
Total team time range guestimate: 3 hours to 4 1/2 hours

Finish in time for dinner

Equipment pickup:
Bikers, bring a lock, or put the bike in your car before heading to Cornwall Beach.
Runners, nothing to pickup, maybe a car in Fairhaven.
Paddler, they want you to pickup your kayak before 5:30 PM

Each team needs everyone to be at the beach to cheer the paddler in and then run as a team to the finish (team members can help with the kayak)
Wear your new Faithlife Traverse shirt – At least for the final team Trek, but if you can compete in it – Awesome!

Department of Fun, Team:

Bag Management at the Traverse

One of the coolest things about the Traverse, and there are many cool things about the Traverse, is that the shorter leg lengths make it possible to effectively manage bag drops and pick-ups without much fuss. We usually have a team meeting in the week before and talk about who will be where and what vehicles will be there. One team member will hang back to take anything our first runner needs to toss at the last minute, or to take a picture of her armpit as she waves when she runs by. That actually happened. The mountain biker starts and finishes at Padden so that bag is a cinch. Our road biker can throw any sort of thing at/to the mountain biker upon hand-off. Usually, by the time the road biker hands off to the trail runner, there are more teammates at the transition to take items from the trail runner or show the road biker where the car/bike rack is (If that’s the case. Go car-free teams!) Our biggest bag snafu definitely happened at the end of the kayak leg where four of us were responsible for one bag. You would think that would be a successful ratio, but apparently not. After many, “Yes! We have your bag!” assurances to our kayaker, we forgot her bag and her run-to- Boundary shoes. Though this only happened once, and will never happen again, it is brought up annually so our take-home message to you is if you say you’ve got the bag, make sure you have the bag.

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