As Stewards of Fairhaven Park, people in the community have been asking us for directional trail signs to be installed. This will help them navigate through the trails in Fairhaven Park and connect with the Interurban and Chuckanut Drive on either side. We are willing partners to tackle this problem together for the public benefit. You may donate to our charity to help us complete this project.

We are working with the City of Bellingham Parks and Recreation Department to use the city sign standards so it is consistent throughout the park system. This is also a good first step in helping to identify which trails should be used and others discouraged (and eventually abandoned) in the forest.

The signs would show the best routes to connect the access points to the park as destinations, listed A-I with yellow dots and and the destinations shown 1-5 in brown.

Access Points/Destinations

  1. Fairhaven Park
  2. 18th Street
  3. Interurban / Hoag’s Pond
  4. Chuckanut Drive @ Viewcrest Drive
  5. Chuckanut Drive @ 16th Street

Example Sign (with 3 choices)

← Interurban Trail/Hoag’s Pond .8 mi

→ Chuckanut Drive / 16th Street .5 mi.

→ Fairhaven Park .2 mi.

Mt. Baker Group Sierra Club has graciously offered to help support our project with a contribution of $1,000 to kick off the fundraising campaign.

You may donate to our charity to help us complete this project.