Team Trek

Team Run to Finish

Est. time <5 minutes

This is where the fun is! Your entire team gets to do this leg together.

Course: The team trek will be a short marked loop that starts and ends at Waypoint Park. Gather your team together and cross the finish line as a group!

A reminder that the Traverse is all about FUN and the final Team Trek is a big part of that. Do whatever you need to do to stay together & hang with your cramping paddler – hold hands, link arms, tie yourselves together for a giant three-legged race, whatever it takes. For added incentive, your finish time will be based on your last teammate to finish.

Running Shoes

Note: It is up to you and your teammates to get your boat over to the grassy area at Way Point Park before starting your Trek. This way you will know where it is when you come back to pick it up.

Boats must be picked up by 5:30.

Traverse Course

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