With the ever evolving forecast for Traverse Day, we would like to share  how we plan to handle the weather and provide for a safe and fun experience for all of our folks- Spawners, Volunteers, Support Crew and Spectators.

These decisions are made by our on the water Marine CREW of 5 vessels working directly with the Race Director and Captains.

If we decide to modify the course in any of the following ways, we will alert people at all transition areas so we can act accordingly.

The potential scenarios:

#1– It’s a great day and everything goes as planned. Follow the green line on the  map below.

#2– Windy on the bay and we choose to go with the SHORT COURSE.

You can see the Short Course grey line on the leg map below .

Click for a PDF

#3 – If Lightning Clouds appear on the horizon we will PAUSE the race and wait for the potential danger to pass.

Our Timers will make a note of the time delay to do our best to track it.

If you are in a boat on the water and lightning clouds roll in, please head to shore and find a safe place to get out of it’s path.

#4 – The weather is not safe to go boating (small craft advisory) and we CANCEL THE PADDLE COURSE. If this scenario happens, we will alert people at all transition areas.

Finishing if the course is cancelled:

We will log the solo/team’s finish time at Marine Park as the final finish time for the day.

For the full experience of completing the loop (simulating the life-cycle of wild salmon) we encourage people to run, ride (or drive) to downtown. FINISH TOGETHER with the TREK. 

We recommend that the teams meet their incoming teammates (if they so choose) at the old HUB Bicycle Shop off of the South Bay Trail at 903 1/2 N. State St. There’s parking there and it’s a short jaunt to the finish.

OR You can be even closer to the Boundary Bay Finish Line and meet at the south end of Railroad Avenue in front of Morse Square Condominiums at 1105 Railroad.

FINISH TOGETHER with the TREK to Boundary Bay. We’ll all be there to cheer you on. Jon Brunk will be taking photos at the FINISH LINE. Boundary will have all the fresh Beer on Tapand food.

We’ll stick to the schedule and AWARDS will be in the Beer Garden at 5:30pm.

We’re all in this together.


See you at the FINISH.